Andrew Alt


I focus on engagement planning, personalizing brands through online initiatives & maintaining relationships with top-tier media outlets in the tech, music & entertainment universe.

I have worked with Intel, Belkin, Sun Microsystems, PayPal, The Salvation Army, Fender Musical Instruments, Guitar Center, Ovation/Adamas Guitars, Steve Vai, Lamps Plus, Favored Nations, Simple Green,, Bonne Bell, St. Bernard Project, Deca.TV, Zapzyt, Dixon Drums, Worst Case Scenario, Drake Bell, University Games,, UCSD, Gibraltar & Reunion Blues.

Marketing Strategy, Emerging technologies, Copywriting, Startups, Interpersonal Platforms, Social Media Campaign Planning, Multi-platform Engagement Planning & going down stairs very quickly and being "overly competitive" about it.


  • Marketing Strategy/Tech/Music